In my work, I investigate the relationships between image and text, the symbiotic connection that governs them, their dependencies, boundaries, and distances. I explore the creation of images from texts and texts from images.

The predominant technique in my work is drawing with graphite pencils on paper. Likewise, one of the most important inputs for my artistic practice is writing itself, as the calligraphic trace that constructs an image. It is also worth mentioning the recurrent use of templates, stencils, and normographs as tools that allow me to investigate and revive through precision, rigidity, and deliberate tracing the very experience of learning to write, of structured education, the limits and margins of the systems in which we learn to operate from our early years to adulthood. Juxtaposition, accumulation, and repetition are recurring visual resources.

Part of my work is also inspired by advertising references, a field in which I worked for several years and which brought me closer to the repeated word as an entity capable of influencing everyday life in a subliminal way.

My main interest is to find new relationships between objects, elements, images, and texts that may seem incongruous and incompatible, always in contradiction, revealing new ways of understanding reality. I aim to search for and create visual spaces where opposites can coexist and inconsistencies become fertile ground.